Wake Up with Zing!

The ‘Zinger’ range are little drinks with BIG zing! New to Australia from the creators of Beet It. Distinctly different and all natural, Zingers are a great caffeine free alternative to sugary energy drinks.

Available in four exciting and lively flavours full of fragrance and fire:

  1. Organic Ginger Zinger (launched last year) – an intense ginger experience.
  2. Organic Lime & Chilli Zinger (New) – fresh sharpness of pressed lime juice, hot chilli and apple juice.
  3. Extra Ginger Zinger (New) – with a whopping 40% ginger juice and extra zing from chilli, this is not for the faint hearted!
  4. Tumeric Zinger (New) – pressed turmeric juice with added black pepper and lemon.

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