Schmaltz Herring 375g

Schmaltz Herring 375g

Brand: Eskal Deli Trialia Code: 302523 Weight: 6x375g
Dairy Free Gluten Free Halal Kosher
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Eskal herrings are pickled, rebrined and the sauces are made with care which is why the quality of our herrings are extremely high in every jar. Marinated to perfection try our exquisite Schmaltz, Chopped, Bismarck, Pickled and Matjes Herrings. Lowering your bad cholesterol and a healthy snack, Eskal herrings are for every occasion. With no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, this delightful condiment is a fantastic snack. The traditional, old-world herring, barrel cured in salted brine. Best eaten with a cracker and glass of beer or ice cold vodka.


Herrings, Onions, Vegetable Oil.


Drained weight 300g.

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