Cashew Cookie Bar

Cashew Cookie Bar
Brand: Nakd Trialia Code: 72430 Size: 18x35g
Dairy Free Gluten Free Kosher No Added Sugar Vegan Vegetarian


Nakd Cashew Cookie nut bar is delicious and nourishing with a soft, moist texture. It's super tasty too; imagine a handful of crunchy nuts and juicy dates blended into something smooth that melts in the mouth. Made with just cashews and dates, there are no sugary syrups or artificial preservatives just fruits and nuts, happily smooshed together into a handy bar. This makes it a snack thats simple and wholesome the way nature intended!
Dates (49%), Cashews (51%). Contains: Cashews. May Contain: Soy, Peanuts, Other Treenuts.