Sweet Corn Grill

Sweet Corn Grill
Brand: Tivall Trialia Code: 47115 Size: 6x664g
Kosher Vegetarian


Tasty sweetcorn nibblets with vegetable proteins, lightly seasoned & smothered in a crunchy golden crumb coating. Contains gluten and egg. (May contain traces of soya, sesame, celery and mustard.) Suitable for vegetarians, Kosher - Parve.
Sweetcorn (55%), rehydrated wheat protein (11%), breadcrumbs (wheat flour, water, salt, yeast, vegetable oil, paprika extract), vegetable oil, water, egg white powder, wheat flour, sugar, salt, peas fibres, stabiliser (methyl cellulose, guar gum), flavourings, vitamins and minerals (tricalcium phophate, vitaminC, vitamin B3, zinc oxide, ferric diphosphate, vitamin E, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, folic acid, vitamin B12)