Psagot Shiraz

Psagot Shiraz
Brand: Psagot Trialia Code: 95111 Size: 12x750ml


Product of Israel. Region: Jerusalem Hills Variety: Shiraz Alc/Vol 15% Kosher for Passover: Yes Mevushal: No. Psagot Shiraz is produced from only Shiraz grapes. Vines grown on the winery's vineyards are planted in ancient limestone terraces in the mountains located North of Jerusalem, 900 meters (almost 3000 feet) above sea level. The vines are planted in rock beds using a procedure by which holes are drilled into the rock for the placement of each seedling or sapling. The vine's roots penetrate into the rock with very little irrigation. This procedure affects the vine's grapes in a way that provides a rare and unique quality the the resulting wines. Winner of the Gold Medal in the 2010 Eshkol Hazahav Competition