Primo V Pinot Noir

Primo V Pinot Noir
Brand: Primo V Trialia Code: 95311 Size: 12x750ml


Product of Italy. Region: Veneto Pre-Alps. Variety: Pinot Noir. Alc/Vol 12% Kosher for Passover Mevushal: Yes. Tasting Notes: Dark, ruby-red wine which acquires garnet nuances if left to rest. The pervasive bouquet reveals notes of blueberry and wild blackberry, while on the palate it releases pleasantly soft, floral sensations, enhanced by a hint of talc and offset by a mildly tannic aftertaste. Medium backbone and texture. Food Pairing: Excellent accompaniment to boiled meats and cold cuts, especially spiced lard. Soups made with legumes bring out the very best in this intensely-delicate wine.