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  1. Semi Dried Tomatoes 360g
    Brand: Trialia Code: 33162 Weight: 6x360g
    Halal Kosher Vegan
    Fresh field tomatoes, semi dried and marinated in Australian canola oil. Learn More
  2. Vegan Basil Pesto 360g
    Brand: Trialia Code: 33160 Weight: 6x360g
    Halal Kosher Vegan
    Pesto made with fresh basil and cashew nuts. Learn More
  3. Char Grilled Artichoke Hearts 1.9kg
    Brand: Trialia Code: 33101 Weight: 1x1.9kg
  4. Flame Roasted Peppers 1.9kg
    Brand: Trialia Code: 33103 Weight: 1x1.9kg
    Halal Kosher
  5. Char Grilled Eggplant 1.8kg
    Brand: Trialia Code: 33105 Weight: 1x1.8kg
    Halal Kosher
  6. Char Grilled Zucchini 1.9kg
    Brand: Trialia Code: 33109 Weight: 1x1.9kg
    Halal Kosher
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