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  1. Veg Sausage Rolls
    Brand: Trialia Code: 47302 Weight: 12x342g
    Vegan Vegetarian
  2. Vegemince
    Brand: Trialia Code: 47305 Weight: 8x454g
    Vegan Vegetarian

    SOLD OUT - Temporarily unavailable 
    Linda McCartney's Vegemince is seasoned rehydrated textured soya protein pieces. Great for one or the whole family. Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

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  3. Mozzarella Burgers
    Brand: Trialia Code: 47306 Weight: 12x227g
  4. 1/4 Pounder Burgers
    Brand: Trialia Code: 47307 Weight: 6x227g
    Vegan Vegetarian
  5. Veg Burgers
    Brand: Trialia Code: 47308 Weight: 12x200g
    Vegan Vegetarian
  6. Cheese & Leek Plaits
    Brand: Trialia Code: 47309 Weight: 6x340g
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