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  1. Assorted Fudge Display
    Brand: Trialia Code: 11220 Weight: 48x40g
    Gluten Free

    • Quality fudge with a smooth & creamy texture.
    • Colourful display contains 48 pieces: Caramel x 24, Vanilla x 6, Butterscotch x 6, English Toffee x 6, Irish Creme x 6.
    • Gluten free.

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  2. Fudge Occasions Gift Box
    Brand: Trialia Code: 11221 Weight: 5x280g

    • Quality fudge with a smooth & creamy texture.
    • Gift box perfect to give for any occasion.
    • Shelf ready display case.
    • Unit (Gift Box) contains 7 pieces: Caramel x 3, Chocolate x 2, Vanilla x 2.

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  3. Coconut Ice Display
    Brand: Trialia Code: 11222 Weight: 48x40g
    Gluten Free

    • Soft & sweet, made with quality desicated coconut.
    • Colourful display contains 48 pieces.
    • Gluten Free

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  4. Poached Eggs Display
    Brand: Trialia Code: 11223 Weight: 14x35g

    • Hand made marshmallow, shaped and coloured as ‘poached eggs’ then coated with premium chocolate.
    • Colourful display case contains 14 pieces.     

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  5. Double Choc Licorice
    Brand: Trialia Code: 11224 Weight: 24x70g

    • Superior quality licorice coated in premium chocolate.
    • Colourful display contains 24 twin packs.

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  6. Sherbet Cones
    Brand: Trialia Code: 11225 Weight: 12x130g

    • Hand made sherbet and marshmallow placed into crunchy cones.
    • Great for kids parties and as a lolly bag filler.
    • Bag contains 6 cones.

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